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    Listing of Vote & Questionnaire in Scripts


    Polling users is a useful and popular feature on many websites and sometimes you need a database to accurately track the results. Also, to help ensure against "ballot stuffing" the IP address of the user is gathered as they enter their choice. This example also takes the users input and displays the results graphically and the percentages for each vote.

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp
    • ASP Poll
    • License: Shareware
    • Price: .price.
    • Rating

    ASP Poll allows your visitors to vote on the online polls you create. Vistors can also view results of the polls. Vistors get color graphs showing their opinions. The administrator can add/edit pools anytime from the browser-based administration (unlimited number of admins allowed).

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    DUpics, a Picture Voting app. allows users to upload their own pictures and have others vote from 1 to 10: Dreamweaver friendly; Ulimited picture upload; View all pictures and sorted by votes; Complete Web-based Admin panel..

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    Gather visitor feedback or spice up your web site to attract return visitors with ASP QuickPoll. Integrate polls easily into your web site with ASP QuickPoll, a versatile and affordable web-based poll application. A password-protected administration area allows you to manage and maintain multiple polls, view the results and configure its settings (e.

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    Ultimate Poll ASP is an advanced, flexible, and affordable web-based poll application. Featuring virtually unlimited options to display your poll, Ultimate Poll ASP allows you to quickly and easily integrate polls into your site that look the way you want them to.

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp
    • DUpoll
    • License: Shareware
    • Price: .price.
    • Rating

    Free ASP Voting system with Access database. Features include Web-based Admin to select active polls, add new polls. Customizable. Dreamweaver friendly..

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    Lots of people have polls on their home page all of a sudden so once again we figured we'd write one for you. This is an easy to use ASP script that uses an Access database, and includes the "view results without voting" feature..

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    The key to stay ahead for any business is to get valuable customer feedback to help provide enhanced customer service. Not many online surveys look interesting or easy enough for your customer to take part in readily. We bring to you a web survey application that is radically different! The Smart Survey makes it fun and easy for customers to provide you with useful information because of its attractive Flash interface and super-fast download time.

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    This an ASP/Access-based poll manager. Enter Poll Question and 3 options, and the poll is updated instanly. There is also a page for the admin to see hits on every poll, as well the two pages that the poll takes place..

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    A script generator that prompts you for a question and the possible responses to the question. After submitting the form you will get a parsonalized script with your question and answers. Votes are saved to files (all folders and files are created automatically), so no database is required.

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    This is a fast, small-sized ASP/PHP & Flash Poll with 3D Bar Graph & Pie Chart Statistics to make your web site interactive and sticky. Get visitor feedback in seconds. MySQL, MS SQL Server & Access versions available. This product is recommended for company/business, portal/vortal and educational sites, so that invaluable and focussed feedback can be got by visitors voting in a poll related to the website content.

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    Smart Multi Poll 1.0 - Cool Features: 1. Interactive Flash Interface with 3D Bar Graph & Pie Chart Statistics 2. Create UNLIMITED number of polls on your site - display new polls for each section/page related to its content (focused feedback) 3. Super-fast load time - small file size (13K) 4.

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    ASP based survey and questionnaire system. Browser based. Questionnaire designer. Multiple pages, sections and question types. Three supplied styles. Export results to excel. ASP/VBScript source supplied for customisation as necessary. MS Access, SQL Server and Oracle versions available.

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp
    • Poll Pro
    • License: Shareware
    • Price: .price.
    • Rating

    Poll Pro allows your website visitors to vote on the current online poll. They can view the results of the current poll dynamically (including their own vote). Or, they can view the results of previously archived polls. (Serious or fun...it's up-to-you.

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    Ultimate Survey ASP is an advanced, flexible, and affordable web based survey application. Features foun nowhere else, include conditions, matrix questions, scoring, 3D charts & graphs, scoring, email functionality, built in or NT domain security, and much more.

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    PollMentor lets you easily setup and manage polls at your website. It features: admin GUI for adding of polls, adding questions etc., graphical output (chart) for showing results, IP logging. Just one vote per 24 hour is allowed per unique IP address, and history (the users can check result of old polls as well).

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    Create professional polls and surveys in minutes with this ready to run Out-Of-The Box poll management solution. There are no DLL's to install on the server.Absolute Poll Manager runs with both MS Access and SQL Server databases. Also includes the ability to export data to MS Excel, supports 6 types of questions (Add unlimited questions to your polls using radio buttons, check boxes, list boxes and text fields), Analyze your data with the powerful filtering tool plus much more.

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    MiniSurvey is a freeware ASP-based tool which you can define surveys to collect information from the visitors of your site. Features include: Add, edit and delete surveys; Add, edit and delete answer options; Show voting reports; set survey expiration date; set survey status (active/inactive).

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    An advanced voting booth/poll management program written entirely in ASP/VBScript. Features automatic zoning and template features for easy maintenance..

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp
    • PollCat
    • License: Shareware
    • Price: .price.
    • Rating

    PollCat Polls lets you conduct an unlimited number of single question polls on your IIS 4/5 or Windows 95/98 Personal Web Server. PollCat works for all Web Browsers and will even remember the user's last vote to minimize ballot stuffing. Key features include: Automatic Script Installation (NT / 2000 only), Unlimited Individual Polls Per Server or Directory, Complete Format Control over Text and Graphics, 2 to 10 Voting Options, Automatic Tally and Response, Cookie Based Voting Prevents Voting More Than Once, Show Results only Mode, Hide Vote Count; Show only Percentages, Multiple Polls Per Page, Export Poll Data via Script, Only 3 Lines of Script for Voting and Results, HTML Based Administration, No Database Required, Optional Banner Page Management, Optional Detail Response Export and more.

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

    Polly (ASP) is an ASP-based dynamic polling system. It features: Unlimited creation of polls, with start and end date; Full management control through a web interface; Full control over the colors, graph images, start date and end date of a poll; and Multiple polls can be placed at the same time on one or more pages.

    • Platform: Scripts, Asp

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