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    Listing of User Management in Scripts

    Protect secure members only content. Offer instant access for your subscribers. Automate Paypal & Paypal credit card subscription billing. Secure entire directories with htaccess / htpasswd OR protect individual pages. Operate multiple subscriptions with multiple billing options.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Page Protect is a Unix compatible easy to use script for users who do not have the ability to use .htaccess but want to protect non sensitive information..

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Dream Account is a multi-platform compatible script used to manage web-based membership projects. A good example of a site solely relying on Dream Account is dreamcost.com. Clients used this to access any HTML, PHP, PERL/CGI, JAVASCRIPT, etc. It can also access images, videos, PDF files, word files, zip downloads, and other file formats.

    • Publisher: tachi
    • Date: 15-03-2012
    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    A powerful and effective tool for protecting your website directories and managing member areas. It uses .htaccess and .htpasswd files to restrict access on a per-directory basis. The script combines a friendly interface with a whole set of necessary features: members control, five admin levels, statistics tool, account expiration facility, log tool, script configuration, registration setup etc.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Access Protect is a multi-platform compatible. script that is an access protection and user administration in one! It is a free service that can protect your Homepage from disallowed accesses, so that only authorized users have access to your site or individual areas by input of their user name and password!.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Micro Password generates password with various length and strength. You can easy edit the allowed characters and minimum and maximum length. It has a nice CSS based interface what you can change it easy..

    • Publisher: PhpToys
    • Date: 15-03-2012
    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    SQL Session is multi-platform compatible. PHP class for session management with database abstraction based on cookies and MySQL..

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Login Manager V3.0 is designed for web administrator to easily manage user accounts, create membership protected areas by htaccess on the website, and provide capability to effortlessly limit user's access to secured areas. Login Manger V3.0(LM3.0) uses PHP and MySQL for lightning fast processing.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    * 4MemberOnly Template is designed for those who wishes create a web site with the member area quickly and with the least efforts and expenses and to provide access to it through a login. * 4MemberOnly Template uses HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. * 4MemberOnly Template can integrate with any existing php/mysql websiet easily.

    • Publisher: gdsland
    • Date: 15-03-2012
    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Simple Authorization Script, or SAS, is a php script which allows web pages to be password protected without the use of a database. Simple Authorization Script uses php and cookies to password protect web pages. It's simple to install and simple to use.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Owen Registrar was written for web site owners who want people to register and be able to log in to their websites. Owen Registrar allows you to maintain your member accounts in a simple, easy manner. Features include: *Check that username is not already taken.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    For a full list of features, please visit the website at ulogin.sourceforge.net..

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    The 4MemberOnly script allows you to rapidly build a Members Only section using PHP/MySQL in your site. You must be hosted on a server that supports PHP/MySQL. Most standard Linux/Windows web server will meet the requirement. * Easy install integrated into existing site in minutes * can add as many member pages as you want * one configuration file Members area * new member join page with CAPTCHA * login page * forgotten password page * activate account by email * a single header file * a single footer file * Admin area view account details * degrade or upgrade an account * update/delete/active/deactive account * visitor tracking - Admin can tell when users logged in your site, and where(IP address) those users are from.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    This website coding is good for any website requiring a members-only or user authentication area of a website. The site visitor visits the website and can login to view members-only pages after registering. The information collected from the site visitor is: first name, last name, email address and password.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    User authentication and Paypal subscription automation system to offer your visitors instant access to the members only content on your website. Features unlimited member areas, mailing list, sales history, member control panel and much more. Easy to install and use.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    A class to handle sessions by using a mySQL database for session related data storage providing better security then the default session handler used by PHP. You don't need to modify a thing in your application - after instantianting the class just use sessions as you would normally.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Silentum LoginSys is terrific if you're looking for a simple, easy-to-install login system for your site. You assign the user name and password you want to use, then upload the two PHP files to your site, login, and you're done. This script can protect as many pages as you want by transferring a small piece of code onto each page, and can also be used as a great message board login system.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Make your visitors listen to a generated MP3 file to get access to the code..

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Make your users listen to an generated MP3 file to get access to the code..

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Password protect your pages with as many passwords and user names as you like. The script may be costumized to fit your needs..

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    AuthenticationPal is a revolutionary authentication script which uses PHP and MySQL for lightning fast processing. AuthenticationPal comes with an admin interface where webmasters and administrators can create new user accounts, new user groups, activate/inactivate groups or individual accounts, set user level, etc.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Membership website software, create members only content, automated billing and instant access. Create a secure membership website. Secure individual web pages or entire directories. Total automation. Grant members instant access to members only content when they subscribe.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Create a very easy cPanel, WHM, Webmail login form all using PHP!.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    FREE trial! FREE installation! Let OSS treat you to the customer service that made it the #1 membership & subscription system in the world. Add your company to the list of doctors, lawyers, universities, and even the FBI, who trust it to protect their directories, manage member areas & control access.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    This class implements a new PHP session handler that can replace the default PHP session handler by storing session data in a MySQL database table.The session handler works just by creating an object of this class. After that, applications just need to use the same code to store and retrieve session variables.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Automated Members Area Designer is a multi-platform compatible web based tool to control user access to the protected areas by manual and automated way. Only for five minutes you are able to create member area and prepare conditions to accept and authenticate new users.

    • Publisher: diofant
    • Date: 15-03-2012
    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    User Authentication Class with Database Class is multi-platform compatible. A script that allows user authorization on a site. It mails the user and make them follow a link for verification of signup. This includes a small db class to support the authorize class.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Simpli Easy Members Script was created for the beginner or advanced programmer who requires a members area for their website.The Simpli Easy Members Script is packed full of features, Auto Register, send the user an email with User Name and Password for reference.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    PHP Radius Authentication is Unix compatible. A PHP function that allows you to add Radius Authentication to your PHP scripts..

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Simple, easy, quick, and effective. This script is a simple script which will allow you to have a Members Only section on your website where only paid members get access. Users pay for their subscription and access through PayPal and once payment is made, their username, password, payment info, and the url to the Members Area are emailed to them.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

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