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    Listing of Images in Scripts

    The 3D Clock applet is a simulation of a digital LED-display clock being rotated and twisted in space. It was inspired by a VGA-demo written by AXiS. The colors in the COLOR and BGCOLOR parameters should be 24-bit RGB values. If the number is preceded by "0x" or "#", it will be interpreted as a hexadecimal value, if preceded by a "0", as an octal value.

    • Publisher: dataway
    • Date: 25-06-2013
    • Size: 10 KB
    • Platform: Scripts, Java

    With Multi Zoomer you have a professional and skinable zoomer for not just one, but any number of images. The images are displayed as a scrollable filmstrip of thumbnails on the right side. Setup is simple - the images along with their thumbnails are specified in a config.

    • Publisher: YoFLA
    • Date: 23-06-2013
    • Size: 2355 KB
    • Platform: Scripts, Flash

    This program draws a reddish pyramid with a fountain in the middle which contains wavy water, and sprays out blue particles. There is also a red globe in the center of all of this floating in midair for no reason at all..

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    To make your image transition look like flipping through a book just download the "Page Flip Effect". This filter for 'Flash 8' and 'Flash CS3' is applied directly to the movie clip and creates a transition between your pictures giving the appearance of turning pages in a book.

    • Platform: Scripts, Flash

    GraphicsMagick is the swiss army knife of image processing. It provides a robust collection of tools and libraries which support reading, writing, and manipulating an image in over 88 major formats including important formats like DPX, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, PDF, SVG, and TIFF.

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    This is a Java applet that animates multiple Sprites in the scene. You can add your own Sprites and set up control for each of them. On mouse over, the animation stops. You will be able to change various aspects of the applet: background image color, individual sprites and thei speed,.

    • Platform: Scripts, Java

    Window Color Fading code is an example of how to put a color gradient in the background of a window by painting the window's DC (device context)..

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    X-MaS Tree is just a little program that prints a christmas tree on the console screen..

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    AntTweakBar is a small and easy-to-use C/C library that allows programmers to quickly add light and intuitive graphical user interface into OpenGL and DirectX based graphic programs to interactively tweak them. Program variables can be linked to a graphical control that allows users to modify them.

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    This program displays 3-dimensional rocks that were made by taking the convex hull of a sphere distorted with Perlin noise. These rocks are also texture-mapped with Perlin noise..

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    It's purpose is to fade any element inside a container in and out. This effect could be used to power slideshows, image galleries or mouse hovers..

    • Platform: Scripts, Java

    Image Zoomer enables to zoom selected parts of an Image. The images are stored as external jpg files. You can define the zoom frames - their size, position and target image in a xml document. Zoomed images can have their own zoom frames so you can display even more details.

    • Publisher: YoFLA
    • Date: 26-05-2013
    • Size: 1894 KB
    • Platform: Scripts, Flash

    This program demonstrates procedural texture mapping in 3d by choosing the colors of the surface of a sphere according to a 3-dimensional coloring function..

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    SpaceFlight applet is another little text effect you can add to your homepage. It makes your web-visitors feel like they're flying through space, with stars and messages whizzing past them. The colors in the TEXTCOLOR parameter should be 24-bit RGB values.

    • Publisher: dataway
    • Date: 21-05-2013
    • Size: 10 KB
    • Platform: Scripts, Java

    This program shows how a 2D particle engine works..

    • Publisher: Snake
    • Date: 19-05-2013
    • Size: 10 KB
    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    It can be embedded in a HTML page, providing an image editing function to online visitors..

    • Platform: Scripts, Flash

    PlasmaX Applet is a Plasma based Applet (100% Real Time). And it's free. You can have a lot of fun in customizing this homemade plasma. PlasmaX is very easy to install on your web page. Many OPTIONS are available too. It is best viewed with IE 4.x or Netscape 4.

    • Platform: Scripts, Java

    This program shows you the basic transformation such as Translation, Rotation, Scaling, Reflection and Shearing. All these transformation are simulated with a complex animation..

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    This program demonstrates the creation of a sphere by performing recursive subdivisions on the faces of a tetrahedron..

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    This is an example of a particle engine being adapted for a specific purpose, in this case snow. The arrow keys control, the direction and the speed of the wind, and the escape key exits. The red line in the center shows the speed and direction as a rotated overhead view, but it does not accurately represents the actual particle movement.

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    If you ask how to make your photo be miracle, try Kaleido Flash! You do not need a specialized camera lens, Kaleido Flash will make your digital photos have dynamic kaleidoscopic effects. Moreover, the effect is changing with the moving of the mouse.

    • Publisher: GozTun.com
    • Date: 10-05-2013
    • Size: 6072 KB
    • Platform: Scripts, Flash

    Back Buffer code is an example of how to use back-buffer device contexts for on-screen animation. This is the basis for all graphical games..

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    This program demonstrates loading a texture from a JPEG file. It requires the gd library from boutell.com..

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    Flash Zoomer enables to zoom an image and provides a navigator window. Setup is very simple - image is defined as external parameter which makes it easy to implement the zoomer in your CMS or eCommerce application. The zoomer is skinnable, you can plug in your icons, customize colors or the UI layout.

    • Publisher: YoFLA
    • Date: 04-05-2013
    • Size: 1618 KB
    • Platform: Scripts, Flash

    QFlash is a c open source IDE to create flash (swf) animation files. It uses ming and qt libraries..

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    In a galaxy far away, there is an applet that displays your messages in Starwars fashion. In addition to the cinematic effect, a warping starfield flows as a backdrop. It is a real-time text effect, very easy to implement and customize..

    • Platform: Scripts, Java

    With this effect your transitions go trough an amazing pixelation process making this a unique filter for all your bitmap manipulations in 'Flash 8' and 'Flash CS3'. The pixelation of your image will increasingly get larger during the transition and then again smaller to show the next picture.

    • Platform: Scripts, Flash

    OpenGl 3D Effect code creates a nice effect of crumbling in 3D. It simply takes a picture and decomposes it in tiny particles (their size can be specified)..

    • Publisher: NoRabbit
    • Date: 01-05-2013
    • Size: 215 KB
    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    This simple tile editor is extremely useful for games and other applications that use stamp-based graphics. The stamp creator is set in screen mode 13h, which has a display of 320 columns x 200 rows x 256 colors. The program lays out the array of colors that the user can choose from, and the project has only minor bugs.

    • Platform: Scripts, C and C plus plus

    In order to create a changeover of images where the original is folding to create a new image, just download the "Flap Transition Effect". It can easily be applied to the Flash Timeline an ActionScript using Windows or Mac OSX and does not require any additional programming work.

    • Platform: Scripts, Flash

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