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    Listing of Guest Book in Scripts

    The FG Guestbook is a really fast and powerfull guestbook written in Perl. Features: - Design completly without restriction adjustable, because the guestbook works with templates, which are including patterns. The guestbook looks, how you want! - Protection against duplicates - Can disallow HTML-Code - Email notification if there's a new entry.

    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    BS Guestbook is a guestbook script written in Perl. It allows site visitors to add their comments for all to see. Features: - Entries stored in a flat text database - users can add their name - email - url - location - comments - a user can define the number guestbook entries to display per page.

    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    GuestWho is template based, meaning you can create your own static layout for each page, and incorporate special content tags to add dynamic information from GuestWho (e.g. date, time, etc). Features: - Ability to export entries to a number of formats.

    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    Guestbook Application allows you to set up your own comments page. From there, visitors can add entries to your guestbook and they will be displayed with the most recent at the top and scrolling down or vice versa. Other options include the ability to limit HTML in the entry, link to e-mail address with mailto tag, use a log to log entries, redirect to a different page after signing, e-mailing whenever a new entry is added and much more.

    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    All that is need to install the Guestbook is to copy the guestbook.pl file to the cgi-bin directory (or whatever is appropriate for your system - you should ask your system administrator or web hosting provider about this if you are unsure ) on your web server and to copy the addguest.

    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    Symbio is an Open Source site commenting system, written in Perl and released under the GNU General Public License. So basically, it allows visitors of your web site to comment on its content. Unlike with regular guestbooks, you can have comments for as many articles as you like.

    • Publisher: Symbio
    • Date: 10-04-2013
    • Size: 348 KB
    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    BNBBOOK script allows you to setup a guestbook on your site. Features: - Autorespond letter to signer - Sends you e-mail of their entry - Filters out your list of dirty words - Domain check to prevent offsite calling of the script - Newest entry at top of the book - Easy to modify letters and guestbook entry formats - Handles 'private' messages - Allows for signers to use HTML - Tired of having your book trashed because of a blown tag? The script performs a very rudimentary HTML test.

    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    Post Comment Script is a simple PHP comment script (guestbook script) which will help you integrate and easily manage a discussion board on your website. Your website visitors will be able to post feedback on your website or comment on different topics.

    • Platform: Linux, Mac OS X, Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win98, WinOther, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP, Other, Not Applicable

    My Guestbook is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install, fully templatable guestbook script. Visitors can leave you a note along with their name, email address, and location. This is great for personal websites and customizable enough for professional sites.

    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    This guestbook has been specially designed for multiuser sites: a site-wide guestbook.pl file can be reused by multiple users by "require"ing it in their own guestbook.cgi files. Appearance is configurable through the use of "template" files, which can be edited by any GUI Webpage editor.

    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    CC Guestbook is a simple guestbook program that is very easy to configure and install. It features a notification facility which sends an email alert to the guestbook owner whenever new entries are made. It may also be used as a post-it board to allow visitors to a web site to just post messages.

    • Publisher: Peter Go
    • Date: 09-02-2013
    • Size: 10 KB
    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    Visitors who come to your site will be able to leave comments and other general information about themselves. If you want to know what your visitors are thinking, and if you want an attractive, fully customizable script, this one is perfect for you. Features include template files to fit any website design, 9 standard fields, 9 extra fields (customizable), unlimited entries, and easy to use admin area.

    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    The Digital Guestbook script is based on a fast and flexible GDBM database for the individual guestbook entries. Features: - sends e-mail notifications to the webmaster when entries are added (optional) - converts "smileys" to animated icons - real-time censorship of vulgarities against an adjustable database (optional) - allows user to preview their entry prior to submission - automatically converts URL's and e-mail addresses to hyperlinks - dynamic display: user selects number of entries to display on each page - powerful guestbook navigation - access any page or record directly - keyword search facility - administration module for database maintenance (providing edit and delete controls for guestbook entries) - all configuration performed in the web-browser (no "config" file to manually edit) - customisable output via page...

    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    G-Book allows you to install a guestbook on your site. Features: - visitors sign your guestbook on a page on your site - you get an email notification - click one link to add the posting, other link to delete it - deleted postings are removed completely from your site; they are never seen except in the email you get sent - approved entries are stored in either a flat file database or MySQL database - after signing they are automatically taken to your guestbook - opt-in display of your guest's email address - webmaster is sent an email when the guest has signed your book - Ajax Web 2.

    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    WebGuestbook allows users to manipulate a guestbook HTML file dynamically by adding their own entries to the document. Thus, you can create a virtual guestbook that visitors can sign, leaving their contact information and perhaps comments about your pages.

    • Publisher: Extropia
    • Date: 03-02-2013
    • Size: 666 KB
    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    MCG Guestbook is a simple yet effective guestbook script. It features private messages, and entry deletion abilities. It is also easy to install and use and provides a good compatibility with all web browsers..

    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    Simple Comments Perl script allows you to implement a basic comment posting system on the static pages of your Web site. Features: - Template-based design: You can craft the HTML output by the scripts by adjusting template files separately from the Perl code.

    • Platform: Scripts, CGI and Perl

    New for 2010 is our Clone Monster Socialbook Clone Script. This is a social networking site and the script is made available to everyone and we feel proud in presenting this clone script to you. The Script can be customized and can be branded for yourself.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Features : Word Censor , Captcha (Visual Code Confirmation) , Administrator Validation , 5 Custom fields , Templates Driven , Languages Support , Flood Control , Build-in Online Visitors Counter , Smilies , Ban Control by IP and Email , Database backup using web browser , GZIP output supported etc.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Perfect solution for your site!Very easy to install and use the guest book, which has the following main features: replies to messages; replies to messages; structure template (in complete 4 template + creating your own templates); captcha anti-spam form validation; admin panel which is password protected; any language support; managing messages from the pages of the guest book.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Smile Guestbook is a fizzy text-based guestbook with the following features: emoticons inserting, blockage of messages with words too long, paging of messages and validity-checking of email address.

    • Publisher: Morris
    • Date: 15-03-2012
    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    This is a simple PHP5 MySQL guestbook script that allows you to easily delete posts, edit posts, block words and block IP addresses. You can also easily change the design of the guestbook by editing one of the templates which you can now do in the admin area.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Advanced Guestbook or Condolence book supporting database: MySQL, SQLserver, PostgreSQL, FireBird, SQLite, Informix, DB2, Oracle. Also can work without database. Including antispam and notification functions. Available in EN, FR, NL, IT. Also allow location of message on Map (Google).

    • Publisher: QT-cute
    • Date: 15-03-2012
    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    This script allows you to host a guestbook on your site, driven by a MySQL Database, that allows your users to upload a photo or image file with their entries. The photos' thumbnail images are displayed next to the text entry & hyperlinked to the full size image.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    This is a nice animated counter. Each time when a page is reloaded the counter increases the digits 'live'..

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    The vlbook is a free, open source and light-weight guestbook written in PHP using flat files to store messages and settings. It comes with install script for quick and effortless installation. Features include a WYSIWYG Editor, template based skins, multilingual support, avatars packs and more.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Mafiatic Guestbook XL is a guestbook which works with PHP and MySQL. Admin Panel is a secure page that can be logged in only by admininstrator and includes functions such as deleting records by id/e-mail and modifying records. It uses one single CSS file for the table colors and text format.

    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Easy to use admin panel and a cool theme also.

    • Publisher: Sava
    • Date: 15-03-2012
    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    A completely free guestbook service for members to use. Users join the website, customize their guestbooks and add the HTML code to their website. Within minutes they are getting a service that allows their visitors (and/or friends) to easily add their comments about their site.

    • Publisher: S&S
    • Date: 15-03-2012
    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

    Guestbook programs are very popular now days. It is a nice feature for your visitors to be able to leave messages to you or other visitors. This PHP guestbook program will allow your visitors to leave their two cents on your web page. It has a number of customizable features to suit almost any sites design.

    • Publisher: TPCS
    • Date: 15-03-2012
    • Platform: Scripts, PHP

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