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    Listing of Auctions in Scripts

    CodeTrack: Web-based Bug Tracking, a system for reporting, managing, and tracking bugs and other issues on multiple projects over the web. Admin is minimal; all that's required is a generic Apache + PHP4/5 box. Bug data are stored as native XML -- no database or mail server needed!.

    • Publisher: Anonymous
    • Date: 26-06-2013
    • Size: 215 KB
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    It can be use to quickly set up online multi-user auction sites. Installation Upload all the files except the docs directory CHMOD the uploads directory to 0777 CHMOD the includes/data.inc.php to 0777 CHMOD the includes/countries.inc.php to 0777 CHMOD the language/EN/categories.

    • Platform: PHP, Scripts
    • PHPMD
    • License: Shareware
    • Price: .price.
    • Rating

    PHPMD takes a given PHP source code base and look for several potential problems within that source. PHPMD can be seen as an user friendly frontend application for the raw metrics stream measured by PHP Depend. It aims to be a PHP equivalent of the well known Java tool PMD.

    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    S-BTS is a PHP web based bug tracking system. It helps you manage software development. It uses a database to store issues to be done, bugs to be fixed, and features to be added.S-BTS is based on 100% all-PRADO framework..

    • Publisher: Anonymous
    • Date: 03-06-2013
    • Size: 1085 KB
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    Bug Tracker is a PHP web based bug tracking system. It has two user interfaces. One is for internal team. The other is for customers to report their feedback. Bug Tracker has flexible permission management, search/filter, FAQ, document management, multi-language.

    • Publisher: Wang
    • Date: 25-05-2013
    • Size: 3492 KB
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts
    • MacGDBp
    • License: Freeware
    • Price: 0.00
    • Rating

    Using the power of the Xdebug PHP extension, this Mac OS X application MacGDBp allows PHP developers to remotely debug their running PHP applications. Features of MacGDBp: - Deep Inspection - Skip, Step, Stop - Break it Down - Thorough Examination.

    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    BugIn and Ticketing System is a lightweight PHP4/ADODB (MySQL and PostgreSQL tested) bug/ticket/issue tracking system.

    • Publisher: Anonymous
    • Date: 12-05-2013
    • Size: 471 KB
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    Pointter PHP Content Management System is an advanced, fast and user friendly CMS script that can be used to build simple websites or professional websites with product categorization, product blogs, member login and seach modules. The webmaster can creat unlimited static page boxes, static pages, main categories, sub categories and product pages.

    • Publisher: Anonymous
    • Date: 03-05-2013
    • Size: 461 KB
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    PHP Bug Tracker is the most concise working system for tracking website bugs that is available..

    • Publisher: Anonymous
    • Date: 27-04-2013
    • Size: 205 KB
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    PHPauction is a free auction script made with PHP. It includes thumbnails on listing pages, a smooth front page layout, and integration of PayPal into seller emails. It is a fork based on PHPauction 2.5 GPL but has extensive improvements over the original version.

    • Platform: PHP, Scripts
    • Bugdar
    • License: Freeware
    • Price: 0.00
    • Rating

    Bugdar is a bug tracking system that is meant to replace other solutions that are slow and cumbersome. It features a completely comprehensive permissions and usergroups system that allows for extremely flexible control over what users can access. To ensure that your server never lags, portions of Bugdar's data is cached to both reduce load and increase speed.

    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    ARIZA is a bug/request tracking tool coded with PHP in an AJAX approach. It works with favorite DBMS such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. It is being distributed under GPL licence. It is free (as in beer) and free (as in speech) and open source. Features of ARIZA - Bug/Request Tracking Tool: - Multi language support - Theme support with Smarty - Multi platform support -windows and linux - All styling with CSS - Web standards compliance: XHMTL & CSS - Work with favorite DBMS such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.

    • Publisher: sascoms
    • Date: 11-04-2013
    • Size: 420 KB
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    Phpbb-Auction is a free and open source PHP auction project designed to be used as an add-on for the phpBB community software. It has been programmed style and language independent to run on every PHPBB-Board project with any language. Feafures of Phpbb-Auction: - Search: items; quickview-number; user; unbidded.

    • Publisher: FR
    • Date: 07-04-2013
    • Size: 317 KB
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    Exact Quibids is the closest match to Quibids in quality and functionality. It is tested on a live environment with thousands of site users simultaneously posting bids on different items. Main Features: * Standard Auction, Penny Auction, Beginner Auction, 10 Second Auction, 15 Second Auction, 20 Second Auction, 100% Off, Nail Bitter, Fixed Price.

    • Platform: Linux, Unix

    Swoopo Gold is the closest match to Swoopo in quality and functionality. It is tested on a live environment with thousands of site users simultaneously posting bids on different items. Main Features: * Standard Auction, Penny Auction, Beginner Auction, 10 Second Auction, 15 Second Auction, 20 Second Auction, 100% Off, Nail Bitter, Fixed Price.

    • Platform: Linux, Unix

    PHP Freelancers allows anyone to run a professional site like only large companies could. How this PHP auction project fulfills its function? People looking for freelance work ("providers") signup, and companies ("buyers") looking for professionals post their projects on your site.

    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    Open source php/mysql fully featured auction script. Perfect for those who want to start their own auction site. Features: * Fees (paypal/authorize.net gateways bult in) * Standard/Normal Auctions * Easily editable templates * Multilingual It can be use to quickly set up online multi-user auction sites.

    • Platform: PHP, Scripts
    • SolBT
    • License: Freeware
    • Price: 0.00
    • Rating

    SolBT is an On-line php bug tracking system.

    • Publisher: Anonymous
    • Date: 14-02-2013
    • Size: 123 KB
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts
    • BlueBug
    • License: Freeware
    • Price: 0.00
    • Rating

    Bug tracking software that is light weight, easy to use, and filled with features to improve project management and feature development.Enter your database information, hit install and your done! Now includes email notification for new tickets, notification to the author when tickets are closed, and notification when tickets are assigned to a user.

    • Publisher: Josh Rendek
    • Date: 14-02-2013
    • Size: 1393 KB
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    Change request tracking system designed to manage product defects, bugs and enhancement requests, to help users effectively manage change throughout the software development lifecycle..

    • Publisher: Anonymous
    • Date: 07-02-2013
    • Size: 1341 KB
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    Railway Incident Reporting System is a PHP/MySQL built piece of web software that is aimed at heritage railways or similar for maintaing a accessible, useful, secure and easy-to-use system..

    • Publisher: Anonymous
    • Date: 05-02-2013
    • Size: 82 KB
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    AJ Auction software is the latest and most advanced Auction Script to set up an online auction site with excellent navigation features.AJ Auction Script can be easily customized to accustom your needs with a potential way to generate heavy revenues. .

    • Platform:

    PHP debug tools provides various debug tools. The PHP debug tools includes: - script trace debugging (using the xdebug extension), - error debugging, - manual debugging using a debug() function that generates a backtrace and other useful information, - debugging database queries.

    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    ? Check for misspelled versions of products on eBay? Narrow the search field by hours left to bid? Narrow search by bids made? Supports 15 different countries? Easily tracked by cj.com , tradedoubler.com? Easily integrated into your existing website? Completely customisable to fit your own website.

    • Publisher: leray
    • Date: 15-03-2012
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    Auction Module allows to start your own professional online auction web site based on Esvon Classifieds engine. This is real time auction software package designed to be easy to operate allowing for flexibility and growth as your business expands..

    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    Extensive page template system down to a category specific level.Multiple pricing plans with category specific pricing.and subscriptions.Standard, Dutch, Buy Now, Proxy Bidding, front and final fees, etc...Translatable. Multiple payment capabilities. Extensive CSS config.

    • Publisher: Sales
    • Date: 15-03-2012
    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    GeoAuctions Premier gives you all the powerful options of all of our products, plus additional flexibility and powerful auction functionality. Standard auctions, Dutch auctions, Fees before and after the auction, Buy Now, and more... This auction application allows the administrator to customize a templated auction design that registrants will display their auctions.

    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    GeoClassifieds Basic gives you options, control and flexibility. This classifieds application gives you control over most aspects of your classifieds application through an admin control panel. You have easy and concise control of all text on your site through the admin panel.

    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    iTechBids v9.07.3 is released! Hundreds of new auction features and robust security framework makes it the most reliable auction solution in the market. It now comes in several versions like standard auction, reverse auction, live auction, penny auction, lowest unique auction, etc.

    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

    The Million Dollar script.

    • Platform: PHP, Scripts

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